At Ectech Solar we only use the best products. We live in a somewhat harsh environment with high temperatures, at times, heavy rains, and even tropical storms and hurricanes; so even more-so it is important to use high quality equipment that is designed and engineered to withstand and perform in such extremes.


Each installation is different and therefore we use the best inverter for each application.

Enphase is a very well known manufacturer of solar equipment. They are known for their highly efficient micro inverters. They also carry the industries best warranty at 25 years.


SolarEdge is a large company that builds and sells solar equipment all over the world. They are based out of California and manufacture many of their products in their factory in Ontario, Canada. They have formed a strategic partnership with Tesla and are one of the first companies building a Tesla compatible inverter system.


Solar Panels

One of our favorite panels to use is the Suniva brand panel. Although these panels cost a little more they are one of the most efficient panels on the market. They are made of US made mono-crystalline cells which are of superior quality. They also carry a 25 year output guarantee.

Canadian solar is another quality brand we work with. They utilize a very high quality poly-crystalline cell which is very efficient yet also cost effective. These panels also carry a 25 year output guarantee.


Racking Systems

Everest racking systems are one of the best in the market. They are wind tunnel tested up to 130MPH which is equal to a Category 4 hurricane. We use a modified version that adds even better anchoring.